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Larry Ferguson is an American screenwriter, actor and film director who co-wrote the 1992 film Alien3 with Vincent Ward, David Giler and Walter Hill.


Year Title Functioned as Notes
Director Writer Actor
1981 St. Helens RedCross GreenTick RedCross
1986 Highlander RedCross GreenTick RedCross
1987 Beverly Hills Cop II RedCross GreenTick RedCross With William H. Burton, Jr. and Paul Reiser
1988 The Presidio RedCross GreenTick RedCross With Jenette Goldstein
1990 The Hunt for Red October RedCross GreenTick GreenTick
1991 Talent for the Game RedCross GreenTick RedCross
1992 Alien3 RedCross GreenTick RedCross
1993 Beyond the Law GreenTick GreenTick GreenTick
Last Action Hero RedCross RedCross GreenTick With William H. Burton, Jr., Charles Dance, Henry Kingi, Thomas Rosales, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sven-Ole Thorsen and Jean-Claude Van Damme, directed by John McTiernan
1996 Maximum Risk RedCross GreenTick RedCross With Jean-Claude Van Damme
1997 Gunfighter's Moon GreenTick GreenTick RedCross With Lance Henriksen
2002 Rollerball RedCross GreenTick RedCross With George Christy and Oleg Taktarov, directed by John McTiernan

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