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LV-1201 flying bug is an insect native to LV-1201.


Much larger than its ground-dwelling cousin, this creatures is approximately 2 feet long, with a 3 feet wingspan. It resembles hymenopterans, with four veiny wings to carry it through the air. Its abdomen is sharply curved forward, almost as of in a permanent wasp-like threat pose, although it is unknown if it possesses a stinger. Its legs are small, used little as they it is usually seen flying. Its skull look decidedly non-insectoid: it possesses a set of vertically oriented, vertebrate-like jaws lined with sharp teeth. Overall, its face resembles that of a chestburster.


The flying bugs are rarely seen in human facilities, instead sticking to swamps and forests where they scavenge. Occasionally, they are encountered inside Space Jockey structures on LV-1201.


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