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General Medical Practitioner

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San Cristobal Medical Facility


Deceased[1] as of December 11, 2137[2]


Doctor Kuhlman was one of three resident doctors at the San Cristobal Medical Facility aboard Sevastopol Station, along with Dr. Lingard and Dr. Morley. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue. He was encountered by Amanda Ripley when she arrived on Sevastopol to recover the USCSS Nostromo's flight recorder, which had also been brought there by the Anesidora.

Kuhlman was taken by the Alien when it broke into his office behind him as he prepared to leave the medical center.


Before the incident, Dr Lingard was suspicious of Kuhlman "self-medicating" as well as giving out drugs to several patients who did not need them. Due to this, Lingard and Morley locked him out of the dispenser room for his own good.

Eventually, Amanda Ripley, who initially came to the station aboard the Torrens in hope of recovering the flight recorder unit of the USCSS Nostromo, entered San Cristobal Medical Facility to find supplies for Torrens crew member Nina Taylor, who was injured boarding the station.

Kuhlman met Ripley who was in need of medical supplies. Kuhlman said he too needed them and agreed to help Ripley retrieve them in the dispenser room. In order to do so, they needed Morley's passcode to the service elevator as well as his keycard. Although he didn't accompany Ripley, he helped her by guiding her over the intercom. Unbeknownst to Ripley, the Xenomorph that was slaughtering Sevastopol's inhabitants was also present in the medical facility.

After a series of grave encounters, Ripley returned with the keycard and passcode, Khulman left his office to proceed to "punch the code and prime the elevator." Once he was finished he told Ripley he needed to get his things and then they could both leave. However, when Kuhlman opened the door back to his office, he was met with the Xenomorph standing behind him. It swiftly grabbed Kuhlman and took him into the shadows of his office, quickly dispatching him and shortly afterwards moved onto Ripley. Amanda was able to access the elevator, managing to avoid the same fate as Kuhlman.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Terminal logs suggested that Kuhlman was slightly corrupt and had a drug addiction, Due to this, he was locked out of the dispensary by the other two doctors. In an audio log recorded by Kuhlman, he angrily claimed to Morley that his patients were suffering and that they "will relapse without medication," also concluding that he did not "have a problem."

When Ripley met Kuhlman, he seemed to be quirky and kind to her and suggested that if they worked together, they could both accomplish each of their objectives. However, it is implied that Kuhlman knew the Drone was lurking around the medical station when he sent Amanda to retrieve the passcode for the service elevator. In his response to Ripley's accusation, he said, "Now that's unfair, I thought it might be there, there's a difference!"


  • Kuhlman's face is modeled on a scan of the lead programmer, Clive Gratton. A lot of the team's faces were used in the game as crew including some friends and family members of the development team. Looking through the game's NPC textures, you can see the names of the original staff that the faces are scans of.
  • Kuhlman's apparent addiction to medication shares similarities with Kane from Alien and Clemens from Alien3, both of whom also suffered from a medical addiction that ruined their careers, though Kuhlman had managed to retain his job on Sevastopol by the time of the game's events. It is possible Kuhlman's troubles were a nod towards Kane from the original movie.
  • Like Ransome, it seems Kuhlman was hacking into the station's security cameras, this is shown by the way he is able to spot Amanda walking by Medical.
  • In an unused script for the game Kuhlman has a chestburster growing inside of him. As a result he is evicted from the hospital and is seen to use other survivors to test ways to remove it from himself. Interestingly when trying to entice other survivors in, he says "I there! What is it? A hurt friend? Need a fix? Perhaps we can help each other." which is very similar to the way he speaks to Amanda in the final story.




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