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Kriltic are Scorpion-like creatures native to LV-742. They are minor antagonists in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction.


Kriltic are brown, with four spider-like legs, two pincers, multiple eyes and a long bladed tail. They bear a strong overall resemblance to terrestrial scorpion species.


They have 150 HP in-game, and are very aggressive. Unlike the Kurn, Kriltic will attack any life-from that is not one of their own on sight, regardless of whether that life-form assaulted them first or not.

Alien Infestation

When infected by a Facehugger, they bring forth one or two Runner aliens, depending on the Facehugger's upgrades.

Predator Honor Points

When killed by a Predator, 50 honor points are awarded by ripping it's skull.

Human Marines

For humans, they simply serve as an annoyance.


Kriltic will wander aimlessly, in range of the herd. They are very territorial and will attack any and all intruders.



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