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"You can't see the eyes of the demon... until him come callin'."
King Willie (from Predator 2)
King Willie
King Willie
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Flag of Jamaica Jamaican


Drug lord

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Jamaican Voodoo Posse


Deceased as of 1997[2]

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Calvin Lockhart


King Willie (real name unknown) was a voodoo priest and leader of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse in Los Angeles in the late twentieth century. Despite his status as a drug lord, he seemed to hold a degree of respect for detective Mike Harrigan, even agreeing to meet with him privately to discuss the unidentified suspect, in fact a Predator, who was slaughtering both the Jamaicans and their rivals, the Colombian Scorpions.

King Willie was confronted and killed by the Predator shortly after meeting with Harrigan.


"This is dread, man. Truly, dread."
King Willie, to Harrigan (from Predator 2)

King Willie was born in Jamaica, and for many years ran various gangs that terrorized the local populace.[1] He eventually moved to Los Angeles and began a devastating war with the Colombian Scorpions for control over the city's drug trade.

In 1997, presumably sensing weakness in the Scorpions following the City Hunter's slaughter of many of their members, King Willie dispatched Gold Tooth to execute one of the Colombians' major players, Ramon Vega, in his apartment. Following the death of Gold Tooth and his men, King Willie later agreed to meet with Harrigan in a secluded back alley to discuss the violent deaths. While Harrigan was convinced the suspect was merely a hitman, King Willie believed otherwise; through his beliefs and superstitions, he came to believe that a "demon" was responsible, and that the unstoppable creature would likely be the death of them all. After Harrigan left, the City Hunter himself arrived. King Willie drew the rapier hidden inside his staff and challenged the Yautja to a duel, but was soon decapitated by the Predator, his skull claimed as a trophy.

Following King Willie's death, it is unknown what became of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse.


  • Another ganglord identified as "King Willie" appears as the leader of Les Serviteurs in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle, likely as an homage to Predator 2.
  • Since the Predator took his head as a trophy, it seems King Willie put up a significant fight before falling, as Predators only take the skulls of worthy enemies.
  • King Willie is said to practice Voodoo, yet Voodoo is not commonly practiced in Jamiaca and actually comes from Haiti. King Willie is more likely a Rastafarian, which is a common religion in Jamiaca and would explain his dreadlocks and the fact he calls Harrigan "Babylon" (a Rastafarian term for the justice system, which they see as oppressive and corrupt).
  • The sequence where King Willie is killed bears notable similarities to Billy's death in Predator, whereby viewers see the build-up to the fight and its aftermath, yet the battle itself occurs off-screen.




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