The Killers are a Bad Blood clan of Yautja who were considered heretics by the mainstream Hunter Yautja. This was because the Killers did not engage in standard hunting practices but instead sought only to kill rather than hunt, which many Hunters found no honor in. The hunt is sacred to the Hunter Predators so this focus on killing was considered deplorable. This led to a conflict between the two groups; a war which was believed to have destroyed the rogue clan. Following that event, the story of the Killers became a myth among the normal clans.

However, the clan was not destroyed and continued to operate in space where they raided as well as destroyed any colonies they discovered. As part of their operations, they made use of Xenomorphs as hounds to hunt down their targets. One of their raids led to the destruction of a Human colony, but not before footage of the incident was recorded by the military. They later approached Machiko Noguchi and, after watching the video, she revealed the existence of the Killers to the marine forces.

East Africa Edit

Aliens vs predator tww

The Killers razing a colony with their Xenomorph hounds

During the 21st century in East Africa, a group of killers interfered with a military conflict and discovered that one of the factions was a mercenary contracting group named Graham Directive Security. The Killers were bent on killing the members of Graham. Though incredibly lethal, they didn't succeed in this goal. However, they did manage to kill off a vast majority of them. The remaining mercenaries were rescued by an airlift out of the area.

22nd Century Hunter vs. Killer WarEdit

The Hunter Clan, led by Machiko Noguchi, teams up with the United States Colonial Marine Corps to wage a war against the Killer clan due to the Killer Yautjas destroying various human colonies.

Technology Edit

The Killers have technology which isn't known to be used by Hunter Predators. The Killers have trained Xenomorphs and use them in a way which is similar to attack dogs. Also, the Killers have some kind of jamming device which acts like a kind of continuous EMP, where it deactivates all technology, including anything guided by a computer or communications equipment. Their armor is also quite different from that of Hunter Predators. Their body armor resembles something closer to a full chest plate, and their bio-helmets have extremely ornate headpieces, and feature removable face plates while still maintaining the majority of head protection. Also, their armor maintains a uniform color scheme consisting of black to dark grey, sometimes with red highlights.