Kepler 22b is a planet 535.9 light years from Earth. It is known as the location of the Pozhalujsta Outpost. Low gravity on this planet increases productivity and equipment life-span.[1]

Pozhalujsta Outpost

Established: 2060
Terraformed: 2052 - 2060
Population: 2,480,000


Industry: Mining, Refining

Key resources: Magnesium, Dysprosium, Lead, Nickel


  • Kepler 22b exist as an exoplanet in real life, although it is located 620 light years (190 parsecs) from the Solar System instead of 535.9 within the Constellation of Cygnus. The planet was the first to be discovered within the habitable zone of its star, Kepler 22, a G-Type star which is only around 3% less massive then the sun and slightly younger. It is rather unlikely however that the planet would be considered anything reminiscent of that featured in the Alien vs. Predator Universe. Kepler 22b is 2.4 times the size of Earth with rough estimates of under 124 Earth masses meaning it is likely subjected to a higher gravity than Earth and due to this could be a Water-world. The planet could also suffer from a highly elliptical orbit meaning extreme seasons on the planet from spiking hot summers to deafly cold winters depending on the time of its orbit. Due to these differences its reasonable to assume that this is likely different planet from the real existing one, albeit with a similar name.


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