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Kelly O'Brien
Kelly O' Brien
Biographical information
Place of birth



Flag of United States of America American


Tim O'Brien (husband)
Molly O'Brien (daughter)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



U.S. Army

Notable Facts

Survived the Gunnison, Colorado Xenomorph infestation.


Alive[1] as of October 2004[2]

Portrayed by

Reiko Aylesworth


Kelly O'Brien was a member of the United States Army and a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town. Kelly had only just returned to Gunnison shortly before the outbreak started, having returned from a tour of duty overseas.

Kelly was one of four people known to have survived the Gunnison incident, along with Dallas Howard, Ricky Howard and her daughter Molly.


Returning Home

Kelly O'Brien returns to Gunnison, Colorado after a tour of duty in the military. She has a husband Tim and a daughter named Molly. Molly is somewhat estranged from Kelly who has been gone for so long. When the Predator Ship crash-lands in the small town, the Xenomorph's invade the town. Molly is using Kelly's night-vision goggles, in which she sees one of the Warrior Xenomorph's. She screams in which gets Kelly & Tim's attention saying that there was a monster out there. Thinking that she just saw something Tim goes to the window and is attacked by the Warrior Xenomorph. Kelly takes Molly and runs away as the Xenomorph kills him. Kelly & Molly retreat to a graveyard. Here they encounter a man who had seen a cloaked Wolf. When Molly gets scared, the man threatens them. Wolf sees him and blast's his head off with his plasma cannon. Kelly & Molly leave, Wolf doesn't attack them as they are not armed. But he follows them as he sees them enter a gun shop where some of the other survivors are. They meet Dallas Howard, but the Xenomorph's have followed them as well. Wolf captures Dallas using him as bait to get the Xenomorph's out in the open. Kelly throws Dallas a shotgun allowing all of them but three men to escape. Two are killed by Wolf and the other is killed when a Xenomorph is killed on top of him and its acid blood splatters on his face. Kelly and the others find an IAV Stryker and contact Colonel Stevens who tells them to go to the center of town where there will be an air-vach to get them out. Kelly, due to her previous military past, knows that the military is trying to contain the threat. Kelly stops and only a select few leave with her to the hospital, while others continue on to the center of town. They reach the hospital which has been attacked by the Xenomorph's. Kelly and the others are able to hold them off but two of them get killed: one by a Xenomorph and the other accidentally by Wolf. Kelly is able to reach the helicopter with Molly, Dallas and his younger brother Ricky. They barely escape the nuclear attack on the town. The copter crash lands after the blast wave overtakes them. They are soon surrounded by military men. They surrender their weapons. Kelly comforts Molly telling her that the monsters are gone and Dallas and her become close because of the horrible events.

Personality and Traits

Kelly is a devoted wife and mother. She feels upset, that she can't connect with her young daughter Molly. However, when the town is infested with Xenomorphs, the battle hardened soldier comes out and her protective mother instinct kicks in with this. When her husband is attacked, she wastes no time saving Molly and leaving her husband to die (though he did tell her to do so).

She is also smart enough to know the armies' true intentions, when they are told to wait at the town square. She knows that the army would consider containment first. Her background in the army also shows. that she's skilled in the use of weapons and driving and flying of both the APC and the helicopter.


Kelly with 92FS

Kelly armed with a 92FS.

After they find the remains of the national guard, Kelly takes an M4A1 Carbine as main weapon and a Beretta 92FS as a back up weapon.


  • The training US Military personnel partake in is specilized, which leads one to conclude that she is trained as a US Armored Calvary infantry. This means that she likely, in the fact she had little trouble operating the helicopter, took flying lessons in her spare time. Note, however, that other than basic weapons training and combat training, it is unlikely she would have been US Armored Cav, as at the time of the movie, women were not allowed in combat MOSs such as Armored Cav. Also, in the scene where she arrives home, she is wearing US Marine Corps desert camouflage, not Army UCP.




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