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"We work for the Kelland Mining Company. They're owned by Prospectia, who are a sub-division of San Rei Corporation, who are — like pretty much everything — owned by Weyland-Yutani."
Garcia, to Ripley (from Alien: Out of the Shadows)
Kelland Mining Company
Kelland Distressed Official
Headquarters: Io
Years active: 22nd century
Ethnicity/Composition: Human
Major activities: Deep space mining

The Kelland Mining Company was a major deep space mining corporation. The company was owned by Prospectia, a sub-division of the San Rei Coporation, which was in turn owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.[1] Among Kelland's ventures was a trimonite mining operation on the planet LV-178, overseen by the DSMO Marion. The company's headquarters were on Io.[2]



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