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Kathleen L. "Kate" Worley (March 16, 1958 – June 6, 2004) was an American comic book writer who co-wrote the comic Predator: Homeworld with her husband Jim Vance for Dark Horse Comics.


A native of Illinois, Worley eventually settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is famous in the comics field for her creation the long-running adult-oriented indie series Omaha the Cat Dancer with artist Reed Waller starting in 1978. The series was the first of several comic books published in the early 1980s which integrated explicit sex into their storylines, rather than utilizing sex for shock value. The comic was the subject of a number of obscenity controversies, and was nominated for multiple Eisner Awards in 1989 and 1991.

Worley was also a writer and performer for the science fiction comedy radio program Shockwave Radio Theater.

In 2002, Worley was diagnosed with cancer; despite this, Worley continued to work on new issues of Omaha the Cat Dancer.

She is considered a pioneer of the modern, adult-oriented indie comics scene.


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Kate Worley's official website:

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