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"The technical challenge for recruits is intense. In the modern Corps we fly starships and aerospace shuttles and carry space-age doohickeys into battle. We need men and women who instinctively understand how these things work, who can learn how to fix them in the field without the aid of a manual, while crouching in a muddy foxhole being pounded by shellfire. Some of the new boots flunk because of the physical or moral requirements, like they can't rappel off a tower or they suffer from severe SAS [Space Adaptation Sickness]; but most of those who fail to hack it are simply not technically minded enough."
Karen Marquis

Captain Karen Marquis was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps stationed at the USCM's Parris Island, SC boot camp. According to Marquis, most recruits who fail the basic training don't make it because they're simply not technically minded enough.[1]



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