"I've broken the rules, but I've always known what's the right thing to do. Until now."
Lingard (from Alien: Isolation)
K. Lingard
K. Lingard
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San Cristobal Medical Facility


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Doctor K. Lingard was the chief medical officer aboard Sevastopol Station[3] and one of three resident doctors at the San Cristobal Medical Facility, along with Dr. Morley and Dr. Kuhlman. When Catherine Foster was brought aboard the station, it was Lingard who tended to the unconscious woman.

Lingard perished aboard Sevastopol, presumably becoming yet another victim of the Xenomorph that emerged from Foster and began stalking the station's inhabitants.


Before the incident, Dr Lingard was suspicious of Khulman "self-medicating" as well as giving out drugs to several patients who did not need them. Due to this, Lingard and Morley locked him out of the dispenser room for his own good.

Alien Isolation Dr01:22

Alien Isolation Dr. Lingard's Message (PC)

Lingard's video log.

When the Anesidora docked Sevastopol Station seeking medical help for Catherine Foster, Lingard was the one to try to treat Foster. She had sent an audio log to Waits regarding the situation and had also scolded Sinclair in the same audio log for bringing the crew of Anesidora onboard. Her attempts of treatment were obviously futile with the Xeno eventually bursting from Foster's chest, unwittingly starting the series of events that leads to the station's demise. Lingard expressed her guilt and distress in a video log that Ripley comes across. She also mentions that she was under duress and was constantly threatened by Ransome, who wanted in on her "interesting find".

Lingard had also received a message from Julia Jones, requesting that she interviewed her.


It is revealed in Trauma that Lingard has been part of a camp during the Xenomorph outbreak on Sevastopol Station, though medical supplies are running low with numerous survivors in need of them. Additionally, she realizes that some of her research files have been stolen and needs to destroy the rest of them before anyone else can get to them. Once arriving at a section of the medical facility, she discovers that it has been destroyed and vandalized with graffiti. Whilst being hunted by the Xenomorph, Lingard sees Ransome in an upper section of the medical facility where all her research was kept. Lingard initiates an emergency hazard cleanse in the sector, with he area exploding and Ransome fleeing the scene. Lingard also collects some remaining medical supplies and later leaves.

Lingard, in hopes of avoiding any conflict with the Xenomorph or any other threat on the station, attempts to take a different route within a ventilation shaft. Unfortunately, the shaft is invested with Facehuggers and Lingard uses a newfound flamethrower to combat them. Lingard eventually stumbles across a small hive, which she quickly leaves after picking up an engineer's report. After leaving the vent, she sees that her exit is covered in noxious gas, with two Working Joes wandering the area as well. After grabbing a gas mask off of a corpse, Lingard manages to vent out the gas and take her leave in an elevator, returning her to the camp.

Lingard arrives at the camp, it is revealed that a horde of androids have infiltrated the camp and slaughtered its inhabitants, making Lingard the sole survivor. After a series of grave encounters, she manages to access the emergency lockdown and flee the scene in an elevator.

While Lingard is known to have died, how, where and when her death occurred in relation to the arrival of The Torrens Crew is unknown.





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