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The K-Series were a genetically engineered breed of Xenomorphs created by the scientist Dr. Samuel Kadinsky.

After Weyland-Yutani acquired several Xenomorph specimens, the head scientist of the project began genetically manipulating the creatures in order to create a suitable bio-weapon. This became known as the K-Series which were visibly different from the standard breed due to its yellow skin tone.

Initial tests of the newly developed K-Series forced the creatures to fight a small brood of standard Xenomorphs but the original strain proved superior in the battle. The K-Series would continue to survive but an attack on the research facility by the Predators caused a breach in containment resulting in the K-Series being freed. A Queen was created which continued laying more Eggs for the species to develop.

The parent strain and the K-Series were antagonistic to one another with the original breed seeking to exterminate the divergent species in order to maintain racial purity. After a long battle against the Colonial Marines, Predators and a Xenomorph Hive; the K-Series Aliens would be exterminated bringing a quick end to the race. (Aliens versus Predator: Extinction).


These "K-series" Aliens behaved like normal xenomorphs as they gathered hosts and had a queen that affected the hive. They also had all the same castes as the normal xenomorphs though with a different color.


  • The K-Series likely stands for "Kadinsky Series"

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