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The Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut was a massive Engineer spacecraft found on LV-223 and used by the Last Engineer. The ship was seemingly unusable after the USCSS Prometheus collided with it in 2094, but it remained mostly intact.


The Juggernaut was a large, asymmetrical, wishbone-shaped craft, with thickened central sections between two horns, which bend upwards. It had numerous tunnels that go off to many places. The Juggernaut had three large openings near ground level between two horns, leading into the interior of the Juggernaut. The interior of the Juggernaut resembled more a living organism than a space-going vessel, with skeletal walls, circular gangways and steep passages.

The port prong on the Juggernaut measured 161.6 meters in length and the starboard prong 174.3 meters. The Juggernaut was 116.6 meters wide and 61.0 meters wide between the starboard and port prongs.

The Juggernaut's bridge equivalent consisted of 4 Sarcophagi, a control mechanism made out of some sort of biological-like material, which is activated through the use of an Engineer flute and the pilot's seat on the center of the bridge.

Ships with the same design as the Juggernaut seem to be the primary ship used by the Engineers for interstellar travel or at the very least, the most common one used for transportation for cargo as the interior of the ship is filled with many large pockets of spaces seeing as at least one of the vessels on LV-223 contained thousand of Steatite Ampules which contained Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 and the derelict ship on LV-426 contained thousands of Xenomorph Eggs.


In Prometheus, an unknown number of ships with the same design as the Juggernaut are located on the moon LV-223. At least one is located beneath an underground hanger and is activated by the Last Engineer; the only survivor of the Engineer massacre on LV-223 2,000 years earlier. Instead of Xenomorph Eggs like in the derelict found on LV-426, the cargo hold of the Juggernaut contained Steatite Ampules which contained the Black Liquid that was meant to be delivered to Earth to wipe out humanity but was prevented when the USCSS Prometheus collided with the ship midflight causing it to crash back down on the moon's surface.[1] Another ship with the same design as the Juggernaut is launched by David and Shaw and was last seen headed to the Engineer homeworld.




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