Joss Blaney
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Level 4 Security Guard

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Weyland-Yutani Corporation


Deceased as of January 6, 2231


Joss Blaney was a security guard at the Primary Operations Complex on LV-1201.


Blaney was a security guard at the Primary Operations Complex when the Incident occurred. After the Incident, he led a group of guards and convicts who were forced together while trapped among the Xenomorph infestation.

On November 28, 2230, Blaney reported the Commander Liam Hadden dead. He still expected General Rykov to come to the POC survivors' aid. On December 10, he revealed that most UA 571-C Automated Sentry Guns weredead due to failing power generators. He maintained strict discipline, putting anyone who missed a rotation on half-rations and closing the hideout's gate at sundown - regardless of whether everyone was inside.

On December 15, Blaney reported guards Brown, Miller and Thabideau missing, probably dead. On December 26, guards Cheever, Kaplan, Pendleton and Murray were reported dead. Desperate, Blaney released Xavier, the informal leader of the convicts. Xavier shared Blaney's belief that there was more than just Xenomorphs attacking them, after being shown blade marks and plasma burns from Yautja attacks. Later, Blaney sends a regretful e-mail to his lover Natascha, apologizing about something Xavier did.

Andrew Harrison later found Blaney's dead body, identifying him by his dogtags.[1].


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