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Josh Hewett
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Josh Hewett[2] was a crewmember aboard the transport vessel Incunabulum. He was serving on the ship when it unknowingly set down on a moon infested by Xenomorphs, leading to the death of all but one of its crew and passengers.

Hewett, along with the rest of the crew, was captured by the Xenomorphs and taken to their Hive. He perished within, although the exact cause of his death is unknown.


Hewett, along with the rest of his ships members, was ambushed by a group of Xenomorphs on an unknown moon and taken to their hive.

After numerous days cocooned inside the hive, Paul Church was taken by a Xenomorph to a chamber with "a pool of green and grey slime" which the hives victims were forced to drink, (presumably for sustenance to stay alive). Church had encountered Hewett and fellow cremember Johanson, still alive, in the chamber, though they did not recognize him.



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