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Lieutenant Joseph "Hank" Henry was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the son of one of the most influential politicians on Earth serving some time after the Alien infestation of the planet and its subsequent reclamation by the human race.

A proud member of the Marines and a poor slob in a heap of trouble, Lt. Henry, after yet again being charged with insubordination, was put in command of a platoon of the absolute worst Marines in the sector and assigned the lowest detail in the corp -- checking up on a toxic waste dump! What Lt. Henry and company didn't know is that this mission is about to go from bad to worse, because a strangely organized batch of Aliens had taken over the waste dump!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Lt. Joseph Henry was the lead protagonist of Aliens: Colonial Marines (1993 comic series). The series was produced by Dark Horse Comics from 1993-1994 and ran for 10 of an originally planned 12 issues. While two issues were canceled mid-production, the story was brought to a somewhat abrupt and slightly disjointed conclusion with issue 10. Due to internal references and cameo appearances, the series serves as a sequel to Aliens: Outbreak, Aliens: Nightmare Asylum, Aliens: Earth War, Aliens: Hive, Aliens: Newt's Tale, Aliens: Rogue, and Aliens: Labyrinth, and as a prequel to Aliens: Mondo Pest, and Aliens: Mondo Heat.

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