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"Well, not much to say, is there? Death was instantaneous."
"No shit."
Clemens and Aaron (from Alien3)
Jonathan Clemens
Biographical information

Prisoner (formerly)
Chief Medical Officer

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Fiorina 161 inmates (formerly)

Notable Facts

Responsible for the deaths of eleven people


Deceased[1] as of July [2]2179.

Portrayed by

Charles Dance


Jonathan Clemens was a former inmate at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit. Although he served his time, when the facility was officially closed down by Weyland-Yutani he stayed, acting as the chief medical officer to several inmates that likewise decided not to leave. He was killed by a lone Xenomorph that was born in the prison in 2179.

Clemens was the only person at the prison who became close to Ellen Ripley, eventually sleeping with her. He was killed by the Xenomorph in the medical ward where he worked.


Early lifeEdit

Jonathan Clemens was born on October 10, 2128. He was born in Redditch, Worcestershire UK/EU.

Jonathan Clemens was a highly promising young Doctor, but whilst high on morphine after a long shift, he prescribed a lethal dosage of pain reliever, resulting in the death of 11 men. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for negligent manslaughter, he was sent to Fiorina 161 to serve his sentence and stayed with the custodial staff as the resident medical officer, 3-C rating.[3]

Encountering Lt. RipleyEdit

Clemens nursed Ellen Ripley, who had crashed landed on Fiorina 161, back to health and started showing around the correctional facility. He even starts a personal relationship with her, much to the annoyance of Harold Andrews, the warden of the facility. Clemens brings Ripley to the crashed EEV in the scrapyard where he told her that Dwayne Hicks (but in actuality Turk) was killed when the support beam broke loose, impaling and crushing him, Newt died from drowning when she got trapped in her cryotube which filled with water, and that Bishop became irreparable and sold for scrap. Later, Clemens performs the autopsy on Newt as Ripley requested. He asks what they are looking for in the body of a girl who had obviously drowned, and Ripley tells him that they are investigating a possible case of cholera. Clemens firmly responds by stating that there hasn't been a case of cholera reported for 200 years.

Suspicions & DeathEdit

He knows that Ripley is hiding something from him, and to show that he would not lie to her, he explains why he has a bar code on the back of his head. During his medical residency, he got drunk after a 36-hour shift. The same night, there was a boiler explosion, causing forty injuries. Clemens was called back and, by prescribing the wrong pain killer dosage, was responsible for the deaths of 11 men. He was sentenced to seven years incarceration, and served his time at Fiorina 161, but chose to stay behind with the 25 inmates who refused to leave. When Clemens ends his story, Ripley again lies about what has been going on around the prison. As Clemens injects her with a serum, the Alien lowers itself down behind him and lashes out through the curtains. After a very brief struggle, the Alien impales Clemens' skull with its inner jaw. The Alien then takes Clemen's body, and escapes with it into a ventilation shaft. Ripley and the mentally unstable Golic, strapped down in a bed, are the only witnesses.



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