John Byrne

John Byrne.

John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is a British-born American comic book writer and artist who worked on the comics Aliens: Earth Angel and Batman versus Predator for Dark Horse Comics.


Byrne is a very well-known figure in the comics field, having worked as artist and co-plotter on the historic Dark Phoenix Saga during his tenure on the Uncanny X-men for Marvel comics in the 1980s.

Byrne has had a prolific and influential comics career beyond his X-Men work, as well, including work for virtually every major publisher including industry leaders Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse and others on dozens of titles.

Byrne was the writer on DC Comics reboot of Superman in 1986 and Wonder Woman in the 1990s. His other Marvel work has included noted runs as writer/artist on She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Alpha Flight, Namor, Spider-Man and others. He wrote the first few issues of Hellboy for Dark Horse and also produced his creator-owned series The Next Men for the company in the 1990s.

Earth Angel has been Byrne's only foray into the Aliens universe, but Byrne also provided art for one of the pin-up/trading card images for inclusion in the first Batman versus Predator series.



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