James T. "Jim" Likowaski was a pilot for the company Bionational in the early 2190s. He felt love for his lover named Mary.

In early 2192, while out on a job, Jim came across a strange creature that attacked him and attached itself to his face. He was then brought back to Earth and to the company's San Antonio facility where the company had hoped to use the creature that was gestating in him for bio weapons research. after coming to, Jim demaded to be let go, complaining only of a stomach ache. The two doctors observing him then told him about the creature growing in him, and how would rip through his chest, killing him. Jim was shocked by the news that he was given a death sentence, and before he died, Jim hatched a plan to escape, and when the doctors were about to sedate him Jim took the doctors gun and shot the doctors and fled the room where he stripped the medical boxers he was wearing and ran into the hallway naked his only cover being a small blue hospital robe he stole from the doctors cabinet. Jim then stole another doctors car and rove to see his lover whom he told he loved her and they almost escaped except for the illisonal gas causing him to imagine his lover as an alien. He was recaptured and brought back to the lab.

Jim, in a way got some poetic justice as the creature emerged from him and attacked Doctor Reine and the ensuing panic resulted in the Doctor being killed. Unfortunately the company stored the creature in a facility in Lima when it molted into a Queen. Some cultists that worshiped the creature as the "True Messiah" invaded the facility, got infected and started the infestation of Earth later that year.