Jessica "Jesse" Salinger[3] was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Jesse was inadvertently killed by Wolf in the town's hospital, trying to reach the facility's helicopter so that she could escape the town.



Jesse's death.

Jesse is one of the Gunnison residents during the Xenomorph infestation. She has a relationship with Dale, but dumps him in favor of Ricky because of his violent streak. She meets Ricky at the swimming pool and seduces Ricky, who has feelings for her, but are then interrupted by Dale and his friends. During the fight they encounter the first Xenomorph and flee towards the sheriff. She then joins Ricky, his brother, the sheriff, Kelly, her daughter and Dale to protect herself against the Xenomorphs. She later decides to go with Ricky and his brother, Kelly and her daughter to the hospital to escape the town, when Kelly warned about the possibility of an eradication of the town by the military to stop the infestation. During a gun battle with a hive of Xenomorphs there, she panics and runs off down the hospital hallway. At that very moment Wolf is battling Xenomorphs, using his shurikens as throwing blades. While running down the hallway, Jesse accidentally steps right into the path of one of Wolf's shurikens, which pins her to the wall, killing her instantly.

In the special edition of the film, her death is more gruesome as instead of merely being pinned to the wall, she is bisected.

Personality and Traits

Despite being a popular girl with Dale and his friends, Jesse seems to show more down to earth qualities as she talks with Ricky, when he delivers food to her house. She eventually sees Dale for what he is and dumps him in favor to go meet up with Ricky. Jesse also showed a flirtatious side, when she stripped in front of Ricky teasing him, if he was looking at the clock now.


  • Jesse's full name is never mentioned in the film or any related promotional material; it is only given in the shooting script for the film.[3]
  • Jesse is the only woman to be killed on screen by a Predator, although she was killed by accident.




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