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Jay Stephens

Jay Stephens.

Jay Stephens (born March 22, 1971) is a Canadian comic book artist, writer and animation/cartoon creator who worked on the comics Aliens: Havoc and Aliens: Wraith for Dark Horse Comics.


Born in Toronto in 1971, Stephens is most known for his work in the animation field, in which he has produced the currently successful series Secret Saturdays for Cartoon Network, and the Emmy-Award-winning Tutenstein, currently in its second season on Discovery Kids/NBC.

Stephens' previous animation projects have included Jetcat, which was seen on KA-BLAM on Nickelodeon, which was nominated for a 1999 Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design. He has also freelanced for Walt Disney Television Animation and Warner Bros.

In the comics field, Stephens is the creator of comedic series Atomic City Tales, The Land of Nod, The Bug Patrol, Icky Animal, Kook & Yuck, Nosferatu, Oddette, Space Ape B, Jetcat Clubhouse and Oddville. Stephens' comedic work has garnered him an Eisner Award nomination.

In 2004, Stephens designed and co-illustrated the kids cookbook Chickadee EAT IT UP!, featuring the cast from his Chick & Dee comics. In 2007, he released three drawing instruction books called MONSTERS!, HEROES!, and ROBOTS! published by Lark Books, which earned him a nomination for a National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award.

Stephens still lives and works in Toronto.



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