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Seegson Security
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Deceased[1] as of December 11, 2137[2]


Jake Sinclair was a Seegson employee and the leader of the Seegson Security team aboard Sevastopol Station. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue.

Numerous audio logs are recorded by him and can be picked up.

Sinclair's corpse can be found in the Solomons Habitation Tower along with many others, most likely his comrades. Through an audio log, it is revealed that Sinclair had a wife and children.


As stated by Dr. Lingard, Sinclair was responsible for allowing the crew of the Anesidora aboard the station.

During the Xenomorph outbreak on the station, Sinclair had recorded an audio log for all Seegson security members to listen to that ordered them to drop their shift and abandon the Marshals, stating that they "don't owe us nothing." An archive log recorded by Waits shows the Marshal requesting cooperation in dealing with the Xenomorph and in return, will drop his investigation in his involvement in dealing with black market trade. His audio logs reveal that he is supposedly a leader of a group of survivors that were located in Solomons Habitation Tower where they tried to seal off all access to the area by shutting down elevators, barricading doors and wielding vents shut.

Sinclair and his group were later ambushed by a group of Xenomorphs that managed to get into the habitation tower whilst Amanda was on board the station. All of his comrades were either killed or taken by them, including his wife and children. Sinclair himself was mortally wounded. In his final audio log, Sinclair records his "last will and testament of some fuck you don't give a shit about" and talks about how the Xenomorphs had attacked and killed all of his comrades and that the rescue party "didn't come fast enough". He urges the individual who is listening to his message to "bring in the Marines or blow this place up."

Personality and traits

Sinclair was incredibly brutish and selfish in his methods of survival; he and his men would loot and/or kill any other survivors on the station. He was also incredibly wary about the number of people in his group and did not allow any other survivors to join, with one of his audio logs stating that "if we're going to get through this alive, there's no room for pity."

He was also prone to betraying others as he betrayed a few members of his group after they left the habitation tower in order to seek out rescue from the USCSS Torrens by shutting them out.

However, his final audio log "Blood on my Hands" reveals that he considered himself responsible for the infestation and was extremely guilty for allowing it to happen, as he was the one who allowed the crew of the Anesidora on board Sevastopol. He also felt guilt for ordering his men to kill/loot other survivors. It's also shown that he cared deeply for his wife and children, and was extremely remorseful when his wife was killed and his children were taken during the attack. His failure to stop the Xenomorphs likely contributed to his guilt.


  • Sinclair signs his final archive log with the name Jake, yet his ID tag, found nearby, gives his first initial as "F".
  • The image used to represent Sinclair is that of Gary Napper, the lead designer on Alien: Isolation. A lot of the team's faces were used in the game as crew including some friends and family members of the development team.
  • Excluding the Nostromo logs and Mike Tanaka's Easter egg audio log (which involves backtracking), Sinclair's final audio log is also the last one that the player can find in the game. The log is titled "Blood on my Hands."



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