Lieutenant Jack O'Connor is in 2157 the Science Officer aboard the USS Sheridan.[1]



O'Connor was born January 13st, 2112 in New Dublin, Proxima Colony, Sector 679.[1]


O'Connor attended the University of California, Berkeley where he took Microbiology and was awarded a Bachelor of Sciences. He then attended the Stanford University where he took Astrophysiology and was awarded a Master of Sciences. Then attended the Oxford University where he took Xenophysiology and was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree.[1]

Military Career

O'Connor hasn't any military career.[1]

Personalty and Traits

Psychological Profile

IQ 221, mixed compulsive/schizoid personality, Post-traumatic stress disorder, secondary to Xenomorph attack at in 2126 at the age 14, necessitating massive cardiac and CNS synthetic reconstruction, strong potential for psychotic decompensation.[1]



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