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JLA versus Predator
Written by John Ostrander
Illustrated by Graham Nolan
Inked by Randy Elliott
Colored by Heroic Age
Jim Sinclair
Lettered by Bill Oakley
Cover(s) by Graham Nolan
Edited by Philip Amara
Tony Bedard
Dan Raspler
Publisher Dark Horse Comics/DC Comics
Release date(s) Feb 2001
Media type
Preceded by
Followed by
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JLA versus Predator is a one-shot prestige-format crossover comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics in February 2001. It was written by John Ostrander, illustrated by Graham Nolan, inked by Randy Elliott, colored by Heroic Age and Jim Sinclair, lettered by Bill Oakley and edited by Philip Amara, Tony Bedard and Dan Raspler, with cover art by Nolan and Elliot. The story features a team of super-powered Predators engineered by an alien race to take on the Justice League power-for-power.

Though it had no direct precursors or sequels, the story follows up on threads introduced in the Batman versus Predator and Superman vs. Predator series. Both Batman and Superman would face both Aliens and Predators in their following crossover series.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, JLA versus Predator was preceded by Green Lantern versus Aliens, published concurrently with Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Mindhunter, and was followed by Batman/Aliens Two.

Reprint HistoryEdit

JLA versus Predator has never been collected or reissued.

Behind the ScenesEdit

JLA versus Predator writer John Ostrander is a veteran comics writer and artist who is perhaps most well known for his work with Superman and Captain Marvel in the 1980s and 1990s at DC Comics.

Artist Graham Nolan spent time as penciller on DC's flagship Batman title Detective Comics in the 1990s.

JLA versus Predator is often panned and even ridiculed by fans and critics as a "cheap cash-in" and at times perhaps the siliest of all the crossover comic stories. It is to say the least the campest of the Dark Horse/DC crossovers and even features a Predator-version of Plastic Man.

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