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Ivan Hushvatov
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Iron Bears
Weyland-Yutani Corporation



Portrayed by

David Scully


Ivan Hushvatov was a member of the Iron Bears.

Biography Edit

He is an Iron Bear mercenary, who is seen guarding the pods. He also had trapped the Marines using a fake signal, which caused them to be ambushed by Aliens. He would later be killed by Harrison in the end of the Betrayal level of the Marine campaign. In his fight with Harrison he pilots an Exosuit

Personality & Traits Edit

He is General Rykov's right hand man, who sees to it that all of the general's orders are followed. He is also Rykov's medical advisor, as he is often seen talking about the general's medication (Hypodermic syringes). It should be noted that Chekov also talked about his medication, too.


  • David Scully, who voices Hushvatov, also voices Jones in the game.
  • Ivan's first name is revealed in the Primal Hunt expansion pack.
  • Like Dimitri and Chekov, his skin was used by other Corporates.
  • There is a string error in the game, which said that the Exosuit fought in the end of the third level was Ivan, but he was actually killed without using an Exosuit! Instead, the pilot resembles Dimitri.



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