"Enemy of my enemy..."
"That doesn't make it a friend."
Royce and Isabelle (from Predators)

Isabelle, also known as "Izzy",[1] was a sniper in the Israel Defense Forces who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010. Together with the others dropped on the planet at that time, she attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

After a failed attempt to flee on a Yautja spacecraft, Isabelle became stranded on the planet along with Royce, the two of whom were the only members of the group to survive the encounter with the Super Predators.


Early History

Not much is known about Isabelle's early life, except that as national military service is mandatory for Israelis, she would have joined the Israeli Defense Force at 18, and eventually became a sharpshooter. She reveals to Royce and the rest of her companions that she once heard a story about a team of American mercenaries that was decimated by a strange creature in 1987. From reading the debriefing of the incident's sole survivor, Isabelle learned how the hunters could be beaten and gave this knowledge to Royce and the others.

During her career, Isabelle and her spotter were ambushed by the enemy while on a mission, leading to the capture of her partner and likely friend. Isabelle felt immense guilt because she chose to hide and watch her spotter be killed instead of intervening, although that would have likely led to her own capture and death. Isabelle tells Royce that she was abducted by the hunters while she hid from her pursuers.

On the Game Preserve Planet

Like the other humans, Isabelle awoke in free-fall with a parachute on her back. After landing, she came upon several men fighting each other, and believed them to be responsible for stranding her in the jungle. She trained her rifle on the men and watched as they discussed their predicament. Royce noticed her presence first, at which point she entered in to conversation with the men. Nikolai speculated about which jungle they're in and was corrected by Isabelle, who claimed to have seen "most" of the jungles (on Earth) and that this one didn't match. Isabelle guessed that they could be in the Amazon.

After encountering several more humans, the group set out for higher ground and to attempt to ascertain their location. The group came out of the jungle and witnessed a spectacular view of closely-orbiting planetary bodies, proving definitively that they were not on Earth. The group later came across the body of a Special Forces member that had been stationed in Afghanistan. Isabelle demonstrated that she has a conscience and suggested that the body be buried.

Dealing with Noland

Soon Isabelle and the others were attacked by Hell-hounds. As a hunting hound was charging toward her she ran out of ammo for her rifle and attempted to commit suicide with her sidearm. However, the Tracker called his hounds back because it was merely a test to see how well the humans could kill. With the hounds departed, members of the human group noticed that Cuchillo was missing. They came across him wounded and calling out for help, slumped on his knees in a clearing of tall grass. Despite Royce testing Cuchillo's clearing and discovering that it was booby-trapped, Isabelle wanted to try to help her stricken comrade. When the other members of the human group move on in sober acknowledgment of the situation, Isabelle shot Cuchillo to put him out of his misery only to hear the same cry of "Help me" from a concealed Hunter.

Following the tracks of the hunting hounds, the group later came across the hunters' camp and found a bound hunter that matched the stories Isabelle heard earlier in her career. The hunting party quickly located the human group, and after a brief firefight Isabelle and most of the others escaped by jumping over a cliff into a river. Afterwards, Isabelle realized that Royce had used the group as bait to flush out the Hunters and berates him over his willingness to coldly sacrifice a member of their group for a goal. Royce in turn confronts Isabelle over her knowledge of the Predators, which he surmises based on her reaction to the bound hunter.

Hunted by a different hunter

When Edwin was maimed by a trap, Isabelle refused to leave him behind due to her remorse over leaving her spotter for dead prior to her abduction by the hunters. This compassionate action almost caused Isabelle to be killed by both Berserker and Edwin. After the Yautja ship departed, both Isabelle and Edwin believed themselves to be the last remaining members of their group. Even though Edwin had no means of defending himself against the hunters, used the other members of the human party to protect himself on numerous occasions, and was in fact still being hunted by a Yautja in close proximity, he chose to inexplicably attack Isabelle with the paralytic neurotoxin from which he earlier saved Nikolai. Edwin's decision to attack Isabelle at this moment contradicts his established method of relying on the physical capability and combat skills of the other group members for protection. However, it is possible that Edwin believed he would be spared by the hunters (as evidenced by his pleas to the Berseker that he was "one of them") and therefore no longer needed to keep up the pretense of being scared and vulnerable.

As Edwin stood over Isabelle preparing to torture / kill her, Isabelle's attention was drawn to the figure of Royce (who had inadvertently avoided death aboard the Yautja ship by coming back for Isabelle) standing above the pit. Edwin noticed her gaze, and quickly returned to his meek and defenseless disguise upon seeing Royce. Edwin also claimed that the hunters paralyzed Isabelle. Royce then pulled both Isabelle and Edwin out of the pit. While Royce tended to Isabelle, Edwin (realizing that the neurotoxin would no doubt wear off at some point, allowing Isabelle to expose his treachery) attempted to kill Royce as well. Royce was prepared for Edwin's attack, due either to: his extensive combat experience, Isabelle's frightened body language, preexisting mistrust of Edwin (Royce was able to identify all the other members of the party; it stands to reason that he may have suspected Edwin of something more than just being a doctor) or some combination of the three, and disarmed and stabbed Edwin through the underside of his jaw into the roof of his mouth with the poisoned scalpel. Royce dragged the paralyzed and still-living Edwin in to the Hunters' camp and booby-trapped his body with several grenades and assorted ordnance.

After Berserker entered the camp, discovered Edwin, and triggered the trap, Royce created a distraction with fire to mask his infrared signature and attacked the hunter with an axe. The Berserker gained the upper hand and almost killed Royce after detecting his heartbeat, but Isabelle had recovered enough from the neurotoxin to chamber a round and shoot the Beserker through the chest. The Berserker fired his wristblade at her in response and hit her in the shoulder. Isabelle's shot and the Berserker's reaction allowed Royce to recover his strength to the extent that he was able to pick up his axe and severely maim the Berserker (including cutting off his left arm) before finally beheading him. Royce stumbled over to Isabelle and collapsed next to her, exhausted, and Royce finally told Isabelle his name. The next morning, their wounds had been treated somewhat but Isabelle still seemed to be suffering from some lingering effects of the neurotoxin. As Isabelle and Royce stood and watched more parachute-equipped humans / aliens and crates fall to the planet's surface, Royce vowed that they would find a way to escape.

Stranded with Royce

After spending several weeks on the reserve Isabelle developed a romantic relationship with Royce before he went off into the wilderness for several weeks by himself, much to her annoyance.[1]

Personality & Traits

"You still pissed?"
"Fuck you."
Royce and Isabelle, after Royce uses the others as bait (from Predators)

Unlike the others, except Nikolai, she shows concern for the entire group and is infuriated when Royce uses them as bait in the Predators' camp. His bitterness and ruthlessness saddens her, leading her to bluntly ask him, "What made you so fucked up?" Isabelle carries a deep guilt over her spotter's death, where as attempting to rescue him would have gotten her killed as well. She carried the guilt for several months after the incident.[1]


Isabelle with her Blaser

Isabelle with her Blaser R93 LRS2.

She carries a Blaser R93 LRS2 fitted with an Elcan DigitalHunter scope as well as a customized Heckler & Koch HK45C with a compensator attachment in a holster. She is the only member of the team to retain their weapons and ammunition for the duration of the hunt. She still used her rifle even after being stranded on the game preserve for several months.[1]




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