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"He was boned like a fish."
―Dr. Edwards (from Predator 2)
Irene Edwards
Irene Edwards
Biographical information
Place of birth



Flag of United States American


Chief Pathologist[1]

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Alive as of 1997.[2]

Portrayed by

Lilyan Chauvin


Doctor Irene Edwards was the chief pathologist and medical examiner working for the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997.[1]


Being the foremost forensic pathologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Edwards was involved in investigating many of the serious crimes that occurred in the city. Mike Harrigan in particular had a great deal of respect for her, once claiming that her work had solved more crimes than the rest of the LAPD put together.[1]

As a consequence of her position, many of the mutilated bodies left by the City Hunter found their way to her laboratory, including that of Detective Danny Archuleta. Harrigan also went to Irene with the Yautja Spear he recovered from Ramon Vega's apartment. She quickly deduced the material used its construction could cut like steel yet had almost no weight. Upon closer inspection she discovered it was a crystalline substance, similar in structure to diamond but considerably harder and not made of any known element on the periodic table.[3] Her analysis led Harrigan to correctly assume it was part of some form of incredibly advanced technology that Peter Keyes sought to acquire.



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