The Innominata was a space laboratory, headed by Paul Church, survivor of a Xenomorph attack.



The Innominata was headed by Paul Church, an amoral researcher who had a keen interest in the behavior of Xenomorph. To this end, several animals and human volunteers were used to test the Xenomorph's decision making skills. Marines, such as Tony Crespi (who is secretly sent to investigate), who have had extensive combative contact with the Xenomorph species are also brought in for observation, consultation, or simple security measures. However, there is shady business going on in the ship, involving the unauthorized use of human corpses and live but incapacitated human test subjects. Xenomorph test subjects "accidentally" get loose from their cells, killing several key people.

Sharon McGuinness and Crespi manage to figure out the location of Church's secret lab, and sure enough, a Xenomorph is set on them. They accuse Church, but he seeks to silence them using his pet Xenomorph Trixie.


Xenomorph Subjects

  • Trixie
  • Presumably several other Xenomorphs


  • Innominata is a Latin word that literally translates as "unnamed".