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Igor Kordej CRS festival

Igor Kordey.

Igor Kordey is a Croatian comic book artist and painter who has worked on several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens and Predator lines. Kordey has worked on both interior and cover art for the numerous projects for all three comics lines for Dark Horse.


Igor Kordey was part of an influx of Croatian art and writing talent into the American comics market in the 1990s, including such other talent as fellow Aliens-comics-contributor writer Darko Macan. Among his many influences Kordey lists fellow Aliens/AVP-contributing artist and 70s alternative comics icon Richard Corben.

Critically acclaimed and commercial quite popular for a while in the 2000s, in addition to his work for Dark Horse Comics, Kordey has been a regular contributor to various comics series from major comics companies Marvel and DC Comics.

His is perhaps best known for his time as artist on New X-Men, Cable and other X series for Marvel Comics in the 2000s. There was some controversy surrounding his being fired from the lines in 2008. For his part, Kordey has remained candid and outspoken about the entire experience and his thoughts on the American comic book scene (see External Links section).

For Dark Horse, Kordey also worked on the Tarzan series Tarzan: Rivers of Blood and the cross-over Tarzan/Batman: Claws of the Catwoman.

Kordey is married and has three daughters.


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An excellent interview online interview with Kordey:

Kordey's profile on

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