A Hybrid is an organism that is a mixture of two or more separate species; White hybrids, for example, were a combination of human, Xenomorph and Yautja DNA. Another highly notable example was the Newborn born aboard the USM Auriga.

Xenomorphs by their very nature take traits from their host as part of their growth, so Xenomorphs such as Warriors/Drones, Runners and Predaliens are not true hybrids as it's part of the Xenomorph life cycle, which requires implanting an embryo into a host body which then absorbs the DNA and assimilates the host's physical characteristics into a Chestburster. The Chestburster will carry on these traits into its adult form.

Ripley 8 and The Newborn could be classed as true hybrids as they were the product of a cloning process mixing up the DNA in an unnatrual manner. To a lesser extent, the Drones and the Queen on the Auriga were hybrids as they too were victims of genetic mixing of the cloning process. The Xenomorphs were mutated to the point where their appearance and behavior were altered.

Cloned Xenomorph

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The Xenomorph spawn of the cloned Queen displayed a markedly different appearance to their pure predecessors, they were brown in color, had a more organic appearance and had digitigrade legs. Their intelligence seemed to be superior though all Xenomorphs have displayed observation learning.

Cloned Queen

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The Queen that cloned along with Ripley, showed mutation in both her appearance and life-cycle. The Xenomorph spawn were affected and the Queen herself later developed a completely new reproduction method as she stopped laying eggs and instead gave birth to the Newborn.


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Newborn was the result of a queen giving birth. The Newborn had human-like skin, eyes and a tongue instead of an inner jaw. The newborn possessed tremendous strength, as it ripped the queen's head off and crushed Dr. Gediman's head with ease.

Ripley 8

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Ripley 8 was an imperfect clone of Ellen Ripley. They shared the same appearance but Ripley 8 had a completely different personality. She was stronger than normal humans, healed quickly, and had acidic blood.

White Hybrids

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The hybrids were aliens capable of impregnating "normal" aliens. They were white in color, had mandibles and presumably human intelligence.