Hudson's Pulse Rifle was Private William Hudson's M41A Pulse Rifle that he used on the mission to LV-426. It appeared as a "Legendary Weapon" in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.


  • The iron sights, tally marks and skull and crossbones design are clearly not on the weapon in Aliens; the skull and crossbones design is based on a similar design painted on the front of Hudson's M3 Pattern Personal Armor in the movie. The ammo counter on the M41A is also on the wrong side in the game, being on the left of the Pulse Rifle (although this is likely for gameplay reasons, to ensure it is visible to the player).
    • There are eight tally marks on the carrying handle.
  • Hudson's Pulse Rifle is the only Legendary Weapon that could conceivably have survived the events of the film, although according to dialogue in the movie the weapon should have been destroyed along with the rest of the Hadley's Hope colony.
  • Hudson's Pulse Rifle and the M41A part of Ripley's Pulse Rifle are the only usable M41A Pulse Rifles in Aliens: Colonial Marines; the rest of the usable Pulse Rifles in the game are the newer MK2 design, although unusable M41A's appear in the Sulaco's armory in "Mission 1: Distress".
  • When viewing the weapon in the game's Service Record Special Projects menu, it displays Hicks' famous "This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." quote.