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Howard Cobb is a Canadian fine artist and comic book illustrator who worked on the comic Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa for Dark Horse Comics.


Cobb received his arts education in Canada and Utah at Brigham Young University then worked for years as a successful fine artist and book illustrator in Canada--with a particular focus on water colors--with his works displayed internationally.

Cobb then decided to shift his career to a new focus on comics in the 1990s. He successfully broke into the field for a time, first doing an issue of the comics adaptation of the popular TV-series Quantum Leap for Innovation Comics. He then got hired as a freelancer by Dark Horse to draw the four-issue miniseries Virus (later turned into a movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis), and then other projects including Blood on Two-Witch Mesa. He was also starting in at Marvel comics.

As Cobb describes it, his comics career then suddenly vanished as editors abruptly stopped offering him work.

He then returned to fine arts and now works primarily in oil paints, occasionally returning to watercolors, as well. Occasionally he draws comic book characters in his sketchbook.

Cobb lives and works in Alberta, Canada with his wife. He is the father of seven children.


External LinksEdit

Howard Cobb's official website: (features candid accounts of his career in the arts and comics)

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