"They executed a hostage. We move."
Dutch, regarding the hostage (from Predator)

The "hostage executed by the Russian" was a CIA agent operating in South America, covertly combating the communist rebel movement in Val Verde.


"Found the other hostage. He's dead too. But if these guys are Central Americans then I'm a God damn Chinaman. From the looks of things our 'cabinet minister' was CIA."
Mac to Dutch, after discovering the agent's true identity (from Predator)

The agent was part of the CIA's operation to crush communist guerrillas leading a revolution against Val Verde's American-backed government, operating under Al Dillon. While reconnoitring rebel positions with another agent, guerrillas shot down the helicopter they were flying in and captured them, taking them to their main base of operations in the jungle. At the camp, they were tortured and interrogated by a Soviet military advisor, there to assist the rebels in planning their offensives. The agent was eventually executed, presumably after failing to give up any useful information; in a sad twist of irony, the man's death was witnessed by Dutch, who had just arrived at the camp intending to rescue him and his comrades.


  • The character is never named in the film or its novelization.



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