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The following is a list of homages within the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises that reference other films, games, books and comics from the franchise.

Predator 2Edit

Main article: Predator 2

"You're one ugly..."Edit

When Harrigan unmasks the City Hunter, he begins to say, "You're one ugly-" The Predator then grabs him by the throat and finishes the line, "Motherfucker!" This is an homage to the scene where Dutch first sees the Jungle Hunter's face in Predator and says the line himself.

Xeno huntingEdit

The skull of a Xenomorph Warrior is seen in the trophy cabinet aboard the Predator ship.


Main article: Predators (film)

M134 MinigunEdit

Main article: M134 Minigun

Nikolai carries an M134 Minigun. This is a reference to Blain carrying the same weapon in Predator.

The waterfallEdit

After the group first encounter the Crucified Predator and Super Predators at the hunting camp, they proceed to fall down a down a cliff near a waterfall when they run away from the Predators. This a clear homage to Predator when Dutch also tumbles down a cliff by a waterfall trying to evade the Jungle Hunter.

"Over here... Turn around"Edit

When the group first encounter Noland, he taunts the group, whispering "over here" and they all spin around, confused as to where it's coming from. As he finally decloaks and reveals himself, he tells Royce to "turn around". These are clear references to the same dialogue in Predator, first used by Mac when he kills the scorpion on Dillon's back, and later by the Jungle Hunter.

"What the fuck are you?"Edit

Just after Noland decloaks, Royce asks him, "What the fuck are you?" Again, this is another homage to Predator when Dutch asks the Jungle Hunter "What the hell are you?" after he has mortally wounded it.

"You're one ugly..."Edit

When Tracker finally grabs Nikolai he utters something to the Predator in Russian before he detonates the Claymore on his chest. While it isn't a direct translation, the phrase loosely means "you are one ugly motherfucker". This is a tribute to both Predator and Predator 2, which both feature the phrase. The direct translation means something similar to "you have a really ugly face".

Hanzo stays behindEdit

The moment where Hanzo decides to stay behind and fight the Predators is very similar to the scene in Predator when Billy makes the decision to confront the Jungle Hunter. The musical score is identical in both scenes, both characters ditch most of their equipment and clothing, and both make their last stand using only a bladed weapon.

"Come-on! Do it now! Kill me!"Edit

At the end of the film, Royce confronts the Berserker Predator in a very similar manner to Dutch's confrontation with the Jungle Hunter, even yelling the same dialogue.

Long Tall SallyEdit

An updated version of "Long Tall Sally", which was used during the ride in the insertion helicopter in Predator, plays over the credits.

Alien vs. PredatorEdit

Main article: Alien vs. Predator (film)

Dinky duckEdit

During the early scene in which the satellite detects a heat signature coming from the Pyramid, you can see a dinky duck in the background during the shots of the monitor. This is a homage to Alien in which you see a dinky dunk on the table in the mess hall of the Nostromo.

The knife trickEdit

Following the briefing scene, Weyland is in his room looking at images of the Pyramid. He uses his pen to do the knife trick that Bishop did in Aliens.

Talking computersEdit

When the Predator ship arrives and the inside is shown, we see reflections of the computer display in the Predator mask. This is a homage to Alien during the opening scenes when the computer display is reflected in the helmets on the bridge.

Scanning lightEdit

When Miller is exploring the whaling station, we see an interior shot of the light from his flare moving from right to left. This is a homage to Aliens in which the scanning device enters the Narcissus and emits a beam of light that scans the shuttle.

Queen embryoEdit

In the center of the floor of the sacrificial chamber is a representation of the Queen embryo that was used as a promotional image for Alien3. It is pretty much an exact image except in the movie it's flipped. This image is also repeated on statues and walls throughout the Pyramid. This homage is also pointed out in one of the film's commentaries.

Translucent EggEdit

When the Eggs first appear in the sacrificial chamber, Thomas shines his flashlight on the eggs, revealing a fluttering Facehugger inside. This is similar to Kane's first encounter with the Eggs in Alien. A translucent Egg was never featured again in any of the other Alien films.

"You ugly son of a bitch!"Edit

When Verheiden encounters Aliens, he shouts at the Aliens "you want a piece of me, you ugly son of a bitch?". While a fairly generic comment, it echoes Dutch when he remarks "You are one ugly son of a bitch" when the Predator first reveals itself in Predator.

Looking over the edgeEdit

As Lex pulls herself up from over the edge of the ruined bridge, it mirrors the shot in which Ripley glances over the ladders when she's trying to get to the shuttle in Alien.

Alien spares RipleyEdit

When Lex kills the Alien with the Spear the Alien's face gets very close to Lex's. This is a homage to Alien3, when the Dragon spares Ripley. This homage is also pointed out in one of the film's commentaries.

The team upEdit

The eventual team-up between Lex and Scar is a homage to the original Randy Stradley Aliens vs. Predator comic series. Dachande and Machiko Noguchi also teamed up to eventually defeat the Queen in the comic series.

"You are one ugly motherfucker"Edit

As Lex and Scar are escaping, they are attacked by Aliens. Lex uses a piton gun to kill one of the Aliens, remaking "you are one ugly motherfucker". This is a homage to Predator 2 in which Harrigan says this to the Predator when he takes its mask off.

Receiving the markEdit

The use of Alien blood to mark the Predators was first seen in the original Aliens vs. Predator comic series. The female protagonist from the series, Machiko, was also branded with the mark by the lead Predator. This is a clear homage to the comic series.

Defeating the QueenEdit

The shot in which the Queen disappears into the depths of the lake is a possible homage to Aliens as the Queen is falling through space having been ejected from the Sulaco.

Meeting the EldersEdit

Another homage to the original comic series is after Scar is killed, the Ancient Predator decloaks. He notices the mark Scar left on her cheek and offers her his weapon. While not quite the same as the comic, Dachande's clan returns to find Machiko and notice her scar and allow her to join their clan.

Alien vs. Predator: RequiemEdit

Main article: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

The Motion TrackerEdit

Main article: M314 Motion Tracker

During the opening title of the movie, the bleeping sound of the Motion Tracker from Aliens is heard.

"Looks like love at first sight to me"Edit

During the opening scenes aboard the Predator ship, when we're in a room with several containers with Facehuggers in, one of them bumps against the glass much in the same manner as a Facehugger does in Aliens when Burke gets a too close to the container. However, in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem it would seem to be reacting to the Predalien’s presence.

Space Jockey skullEdit

During the scene with the Predator in the Trophy Room, there is a Space Jockey skull high up on the wall.


Main article: Dallas Howard

One of the lead male characters in the film is named Dallas, a tribute to Tom Skerritt’s character in Alien, Captain Dallas.

Deploying the podEdit

When Wolf arrives on Earth, he is dropped off in a manner very similar to how the Predator arrives on Earth in the opening title sequence of Predator.

Lambert shotEdit

When the Predalien appears in the sewers and starts to approach the homeless lady that investigates the face-hugged men, we see a shot of the lady that looks remarkably similar to a shot of Lambert in Alien when the Alien is starting to approach her.

The power plantEdit

While not quite a direct homage, the power plant in the film does seem to be a tribute of sorts to the Atmosphere Processing Plant in Aliens.

Dressing gownEdit

Kelly wears a dressing gown very similar to the one worn by Ripley in Aliens at one point.


Main article: Rick Hawkins

One of the tombstones in the graveyards is marked, "HAWKINS"; Rick Hawkins is a character in Predator.


In Predator 2, the acronym "OWLF" was displayed on the monitors in Keyes' trailer. The same acronym is seen on the monitor that Colonel Stevens is watching.

Interface 2037Edit

In the same scene as above, you can hear the noise made by the computer when Dallas uses the interface to speak to Mother in Alien.

"What the fuck are you?"Edit

Again, during the above scene, after Stevens tells the survivors where to go, he regards footage of an Alien on his screen and asks "what the fuck are you?". This is a homage to Predator where Dutch asks the Predator almost the exact same question.

Second Motion TrackerEdit

During a later scene with Stevens aboard his aircraft, you can also hear the bleeping of the Motion Tracker.

"Get to the chopper!"Edit

Another simple dialog homage in which Dallas shouts at Ricky to "get to the chopper!", an obvious reference to Dutch's famous line in Predator.

Wolf removes his equipmentEdit

When the Predalien and Wolf meet on the hospital roof, Wolf throws all his weapons down and fights the Alien with only his fists and Wristblades. This could be a homage to Predator since in no other Predator film does the lead Predator strip off all his equipment.

The Ripley and Newt dynamicEdit

The characters of Kelly and Molly are often considered a direct homage to the relationship Ripley and Newt develop in Aliens. However, there are some differences in the characters. Both Ripley and Newt have lost their only family and turn to each other for surrogate family while Kelly and Molly are existing family. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem does try and to introduce some distance between Molly and Kelly, but this is all but forgotten when the Aliens attack.

The soundtrackEdit

While many movie series carry musical themes and elements between each entry, the Alien series has never been one to carry musical elements. Each soundtrack is different from the other. The Predator series, however, does carry particular themes and musical movements between the movies. The Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem soundtrack takes movements, themes and many musical elements from all previous Alien and Predator movies and fuses it with its own style to create what essentially feels like a remix of the other soundtracks.

Alien: Out of the ShadowsEdit

Main article: Alien: Out of the Shadows

Game overEdit

In the aftermath of the crash between the Marion and the Delilah, Powell exclaims, "That's it. We're screwed. Game over,"[1] an obvious homage to dialogue by Private Hudson following the dropship crash in Aliens.

Deck of cardsEdit

At one point, Ripley says, "Then all we need is a deck of cards,"[2] a reference to dialogue by Corporal Hicks in Aliens.

External linksEdit


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