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"I'm not going to terminate the alien, Davis. I'm going to harvest it. Alive."
―Dr. Hollis (from Aliens: Defiance)
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Doctor Hollis was a microbiologist who aided Private Zula Hendricks in battling a Xenomorph threat aboard the Europa.

Biography Edit

During the Xenomorph infestation aboard the Wright-Aberra fuel depot, Hollis became the last survivor and had succeeded in sealing off certain areas to aid in her survival. Hollis meets Zula and Davis in the fuel lines and explains the situation to them. Later, Hollis is attacked by a Facehugger and despite the attack lasting only moments and the creature failing to subdue, she is somehow successfully impregnated with a Xenomorph embryo, which she has surgically removed by Davis. Hollis asks that it be kept alive so that they reverse engineer what has been happening as Hollis reveals that the Xenomorphs can be brought back via scientific means if a piece of them remains.

Skills Edit

Hollis is a trained microbiologist and has had some field training with firearms.


Gallery Edit

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