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Name Outworld Hive
Planet Outworld
Ruler Outworld Queen
Notable Members Shokan Xenomorph
Tarkatan Xenomorph
Outworld Queen

The Outworld Hive was a Xenomorph Nest established in Outworld in the game Mortal Kombat X. The Outworld Hive is ruled by the Outworld Queen.


After completing the Kombat Ladder with the Tarkatan Xenomorph, the player is treated to a cinematic cutscene detailing the events that follow after the victory against the final boss Shinnok. The Tarkatan

Kotal Kahn fighting a Tarkatan Xenomorph.

Xenomorph begins dragging away all it has defeated to its fledgling hive for harvest, with the hive rapidly growing unchecked in numbers. Emperor Kotal Kahn tries to sustain rule of Outworld by launching an all-out attack on the hive. His forces however are eventually overpowered by the Xenomorph army and Kotal himself falls victim to the onslaught.