Name Outworld Hive
Planet Outworld
Ruler Outworld Queen
Notable Members Shokan Xenomorph
Tarkatan Xenomorph
Outworld Queen

The Outworld Hive was a Xenomorph Nest established in Outworld in the game Mortal Kombat X. The Outworld Hive is ruled by the Outworld Queen.


According to the Tarkatan Xenomorph's in-game biography, the Outworld Hive was founded in the distant past by a colony of Xenomorphs that arrived in the realm by unknown means. It was nearly destroyed when the native inhabitants fought back against the attempted invasion, but a single clutch of eggs survived in a remote cavern deep underground. During Kotal Kahn's reign as Emperor of Outworld, the dormant nest was found by a Tarkatan scouting party, causing their leader to be impregnated by a Facehugger. The resulting Tarkatan Xenomorph promptly slaughtered the scouts before setting out in search of victims to restore its hive.

Kotal Kahn fighting a Tarkatan Xenomorph.

In its Arcade Ladder ending, the Tarkatan Xenomorph restores the Outworld Hive by harvesting the many kombatants it encountered across the realms. The hive's growth only accelerated when a new Queen was spawned, prompting Kotal Kahn to mount an all-out attack to stymie the renewed alien menace. His efforts were in vain; the Xenomorphs slaughtered the attackers and secured their dominance over Outworld.