"If you're looking for a piece, Foster, I've got something for you right here."
"I'd need scanning equipment to find it, Heyst."
Heyst and Foster (from Alien: Isolation)
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Anesidora crew

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Stumbled upon the derelict on LV-426.


Heyst was a crewmember aboard the Anesidora. He was serving on the ship during its fateful voyage in 2137 when it discovered the derelict ship on LV-426, an incident that ultimately unleashed an Alien on Sevastopol Station and led to the destruction of the Anesidora and the loss of all of its crew.


When arriving outside Sevastopol in search of medical help for Foster, Heyst recorded an audio log in which he expressed his concerns with the whole situation; although he was hopeful of things returning to normal he was more than eager to abandon his fellow crewmembers if things get too precarious as "Marlow doesn't pay nearly enough for that kind of noise." He also mentioned an argument that broke out between Meeks and Marlow which resulted in Meeks getting a bloody nose from his captain.

After a Xenomorph burst out of Foster's chest, Meeks was apparently grief stricken with her death and had gotten drunk in a mall in the Solomons Habitation Tower. He began telling a crowd of inhabitants "way too much." Heyst had to drag him away from the group after he saw the look in their eyes and he later scolded Meeks in an audio log and told him that they can't let anyone find out that they were involved with the Anesidora.

A few days later, Heyst was taken in by Marshal Waits and D. Turner for interrogation, but Heyst remained silent.