Herk Mondo

Herk Mondo is a professional mercenary and self labelled "professional bug hunter." A quiet, gruff loner, Mondo is the owner/propietor of Mondo Pest a one-man interplanetary pest exterimnation service. The partciular "pests" he exterminates? Xenomorphs—for whom he holds a deep-seated and never-quite-fully-explained hatred.

Following this passion, Mondo has faced off against the Aliens on a number of a worlds through a number of encounters. His one-man efforts against the bugs has earned Mondo a reputations across the galaxy, and he is even known and respected amongst the rank-and-file of the Colonial Marines.

Not only does Mondo enjoy his work greatly, he is actually capable of taking on multiple Aliens by himself. Unlike most, Mondo throws himself willingly into these situations, has always come out on top against the monsters, though not unscathed.

Mondo lost his left hand in one adventure when he grabbed an Alien's inner jaw and its outer jaws bit his hand off (he eventually evened the score by finding the Xenomorph and cutting its left hand off). He has since had the hand replaced with a cybernetic one.

Mondo also has a tattoo devoted to a former love that people often ask about, and which question he always avoids. It is unknown what the tattoo may or may not have to do with Mondo's reasons for hating the bugs, or his chosen profession. (He'd rather not talk about it.)

If you have a bug problem...and if you can find him, you may be able to hire...Mondo Pest.

Behind the Scenes

A human character that has appeared in three Aliens comics (two as the focus and one as a cameo) from Dark Horse. Most of his appearances have been somewhat comedic. The running joke about his tattoo being an example of this.

Herk Mondo made his first appearance in a cameo during an Alien/Marine battle on the planet Bracken's World in issue #6 of Aliens: Colonial Marines in 1993. His subsequent one-shot solo appearances in 1994-5 and 1996 have been handled by the creative team of writer Henry Gilroy and artist Ronnie del Carmen.