Lieutenant Commander Henry Hericksen was a member of the US Army. In 2157, he was the Mission Commander aboard the USS Sheridan.[1]



Hericksen was born April 20th, 2123 in Coca Beach, Florida, USA, Earth.[1]


Hericksen attended the University of Florida where he took Physical Education and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts.[1]

Military Career

Hericksen enlisted in the US Army in 2145. He later advanced to the rank of Captain.[1]

In 2154, he was court-martialed and stripped of rank for acting with cowardice on the battlefield in the Betelgeuse Campaign when he left one of his company to die in a Xenomorph attack.[1]

Personalty and Traits

Psychological Profile

IQ 115, mixed narcissistic/compulsive personality, no psychotic potential.[1]



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