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Henry Gilroy.

Henry Gilroy is an American comic book and television writer who has written several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens and Predator lines.

In the Aliens line he is noted for being the writer of the Mondo series of stories featuring recurring hero and Xenomorph-hunting mercenary Herk Mondo. In the Predator line he wrote the much anticipated short comics story Predator: 1718, revealing the mystery behind the flintlock pistol gifted to Mike Harrigan by Greyback at the end of the film Predator 2.

In his time working with Dark Horse Gilroy also worked on a number of Star Wars projects for the company. He would later go on to his current role as main script editor and writing supervisor on the Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to the producers of which he referred fellow Aliens-comics contributor, artist Kilian Plunkett who would become the show's head character designer.




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