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"Warning. Warning. Airlock open. Air pressure compromised. Throw the Alien out and shut the bloody door."
AI, from Conker
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The Panther King

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Heinrich was a Xenomorph and the final boss of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Live and Reloaded.


Heinrich emerged from the Panther King, the main antagonists of Conker's Bad Fur Day, after the King mistakes the discomfort of harboring a Chestburster as indigestion. It is implied the
Professor von Kripplespac infected the King, though the means remain a mystery, as a Facehugger is never seen (and the King would likely remember being Facehugged).

Heinrich emerges full grown, having completely skipped the Chestburster stage. The Professor admires and shows affection to the Xenomorph before setting it on Conker. Using a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader-like suit, Conker is able to throw the Xenomorph out the airlock, not unlike Ellen Ripley's fight with the First Acheron Queen.


Heinrich possesses a number of physical traits characteristic of several other castes of Xenomorph. Like the Runner, it lacks dorsal spines and was born more or less fully formed (however it didn't need to molt and grow). Like the Warrior, it affects a bluish-black hue. Like a Queen, it reaches a massive size. Likely, though, it wasn't supposed to fit any caste.


  • The Xenomorph roared exactly like it's host.
  • It's caste is unknown, however it appears drone-like and is roughly queen sized, making it comparable to a Palatine.

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