Harold Rembert was a minor character in Aliens vs. Predator: War and its novel counterpart.

Rembert is described as being short, obese with a top flat hair style. Rembert was a geologist and was paired with the older Davis Pratt for his latest outing.

Events of Aliens vs. Predator: WarEdit

Rembert and Pratt are seen running through the jungle, apparently being chased by something, they stop and wonder amonst themselves if they lost "it", only the creature to appear and chase them again. They begin to argue about Pratt's poor aim as he mised the Drone several times with a shotgun and succeeded in only shooting and damaging their only radio. When the Drone reappears, Pratt shoots at it and again missed, Rembert continues running further into the jungle. He is later found by Pratt on his knees struggling with a Facehugger that had jumped from an egg in a nearby ditch and wrapped itself around his face. Pratt shares the same fate moments later.