Guy Burwell is an American comic book artist, inker and rock poster illustrator who worked on Aliens: Music of the Spears for Dark Horse Comics.


Involved in artwork since age 5, Burwell grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and began his commercial art career doing illustration for local newspapers, murals in nightclubs and posters for underground rock clubs while working at a variety of record stores, "fostering the early synthesis between music and art that permeates much of his current work." He is known for his distinctive linework and his detailed illustrations.

It was after Burwell moved to Portland, Oregon in search of a more dynamic, progressive and supportive arts scene that his career began to flourish. He did black and white posters featuring original pen and ink work advertising local and national acts for many of the city's venues. Local attention to his poster art earned him a position designing big budget television commercials for Clyamation-originators Vinton Studios. Burwell then spent years designing characters and commercial content for clients such as M&Ms, Three Musketeers, Kraft, Chili's, Planters, UPS and a wide variety of other products.

In the television field, Burwell worked designing The PJ's television series and various television pilots before moving to Los Angeles for a year and then to San Diego, before returning to the Portland and the Pacific Northwest. He is also a regular attendee of the SXSW festival in Austin, TX.

Burwell has also added album cover illustration and design, painting, clothing graphics and magazine work to his portfolio over the years. He also designed conceptual material for video games, including Guitar Hero III, and animated projects for Nickelodeon and snowboards for K2 while continuing his newspaper and poster work. His other clients include Thrasher Presents, Laika Studios, My Morning Jacket and Nickelodeon.

In the fine arts field, Burwell's paintings have sold in gallery shows in San Diego, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manchester, England, and other cities, states and countries. He has thrice toured Europe displaying his poster works in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. He plans to return to Europe for more shows in the future.

Currently, Burwell is primarily known for making limited edition rock concert posters. Despite the fact that rock posters are a predominantly American art form Burwell's work is also highly appreciated and collected in Europe.

Burwell's art has been featured in numerous articles as well as in the definitive books of the genre such as Gig Posters Vol. 1: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century by Clay Hayes and Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King. Guy Burwell also contributed art for the cover of Germany's Low Magazine, Vol. 6 of June 2010 and has been featured in Voice Magazine's 11th volume dedicted to Rock Art.[1] He headlined the Röckaholics II Rock Art Show in Zurich, Switzerland alongside other famous gig poster artists and created the official show poster.


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