Name Gunnison Hive
Planet Earth
Ruler Gunnison Predalien
Previous Rulers None
Notable Members None

The Gunnison Hive was featured in AVP's sequel, AVP:R.


A Hive was established in October 2004 inside Gunnison, Colorado's sewers and larger one in the county's hospital by a Predalien and Xenomorphs birthed from the city's inhabitants. The Hive, lead by the Predalien (a young Queen) consisted of many Warriors.

Sewer hive (1)

The Sewer Hive is where the Predalien made its initial nest. It had three cocooned victims and was occupied by at least eight Xenomorphs, six of which hatched from within the hive. The hive is discovered by Wolf during its investigation and attempt to eradicate the Xenomorph threat. After discovering the hive, Wolf disintegrates the bodies and Hive webbing. Due to a misfire, Wolf unwittingly allowed the Predalien and Xenomorph warriors to escape into town.

The next nest was estabilished at a Hospital and was the largest of the two hives.

The Hives was eventually destroyed when a nuke was dropped on the city in an effort to stop the Xenomorph infestation from spreading.