"Get that mother-"
Mac, regarding the guerrilla (from Predator)

The "guerrilla shot down from tree" was a member of the rebel movement seeking to overthrow the government in Val Verde in 1987. He was killed when Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's private military team attacked the main guerrilla camp in the jungle, dying when Blain destroyed his sniper's nest with his M134 Minigun.


Guerrilla is blown up

The guerrilla is blown out of his tree.

The guerrilla was positioned in a sniper's perch high in one of the trees in the middle of the rebel camp when Dutch and his team launched their assault. From his position, the guerrilla was able to rain deadly fire down on Mac as he attempted to advance through the camp. Mac dove for cover and called for Blain to assist, who promptly destroyed the guerrilla's perch and blew him clean out the tree with his M134 Minigun, nicknamed "Old Painless". The rebel's corpse crashed down through the roof of one of the nearby huts in the camp, startling Hawkins and Poncho.


The soldier was armed with a Valmet M78/83 light machine gun.


  • William H. Burton, Jr., the actor who played the unnamed guerrilla, also performed stunts in Predator 2.
  • The Valmet M78 used by the guerrilla is possibly intended to stand in for the RPK light machine gun, which looks very similar.
  • The 1992 Jackie Chan film Police Story 3: Super Cop features an homage/rip-off of the jungle camp assault from Predator, including a sequence where a sniper is shot down from his sniper perch and falls through the roof of a straw hut, landing near several of the main characters inside, just like the unnamed guerrilla in Predator. The sequence of him falling into the building is even filmed using nearly identical camera angles.




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