Gorman's Pistol was Lieutenant Scott Gorman's Heckler & Koch VP70M that he used on the mission to LV-426. It appeared as a "Legendary Weapon" in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.


Despite dealing less damage than other weapons, this handgun does possess a fast fire rate and a high degree of accuracy.

Technical Specifications

  • Firepower: 2/10
  • Accuracy: 5/10
  • Rate of Fire:  7/10
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Magazine Size: 18
  • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds


  • Gorman's Pistol should have been destroyed when Gorman and Private Vasquez committed suicide with a grenade in the Hadley's Hope air ducts, yet it returns in Aliens: Colonial Marines. What's more, the weapon somehow found its way out of the ducts and into the sublevels of the colony's main operations building; only Vasquez and Private Hudson ever venture down there in the film.
  • The underbarrel accessory rail is clearly not on the weapon in Aliens. Despite the presence of the rail, the pistol cannot mount any accessories to the rail or any of other part of the weapon.
  • Gorman's Pistol in Aliens: Colonial Marines is erroneously based on the VP70Z; in the film, he used a VP70M. The barrel is also slightly shorter in the game.
  • Gorman's Pistol in Aliens: Colonial Marines is a modified 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol model as the slide still reads "MK 88 Mod 4", unlike the pistol in the film.
  • When viewing the weapon in the game's Service Record Special Projects menu, it displays Hicks' famous "Remember, short, controlled bursts." quote, even though this has almost no relation to Gorman's sidearm.
  • Gorman's pistol is the only Legendary Weapon not to appear in Aliens: Newt's Tale; instead, Gorman uses an M240 Incinerator Unit and an M41A Pulse Rifle.