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Glenn Fabry

Glenn Fabry.

Glenn Fabry is a British comic book artist and cover painter who worked on the comics Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal and Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens for Dark Horse Comics. Fabry has been one of the most acclaimed cover painters in the comics field in recent decades, due in large part to his role as cover artist for the critically acclaimed series Preacher and Hellblazer for DC/Vertigo comics in the 1990s.


Fabry's decades old career started with a black and white comic strip for the British series 2000 AD in 1984. He then moved onto fully painted art with the series Slaine in 1990 and then fully painted covers for DC/Vertigo starting in 1991.

He has also produced covers for computer and fantasy magazines, computer games, poster art, newspaper strips, TV ads, work for Paramount Pictures and even Marvel Comics-based rides at Universal Studios.

One of Fabry's Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal cover images was also used as cover art for Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1.


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Glen Fabry's official website:

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