Giger's Alien is a 1979 behind the scenes book covering H. R. Giger's experiences working on the film Alien, written by Giger himself and published by Morpheus International. It is a collection of photographs, artwork, sketches and letters detailing Giger's work on the production and the design of the titular Alien creature. It was first published on May 1, 1979, and has been reissued twice — by original publisher Morpheus International in 1993 and Titan Books in 2003.

Publisher's Summary

The classic status of Alien, the movie, is in large part due to Academy-Award winning artist and designer H. R. Giger. This book provides a complete illustrated record of the months of painstaking work that went into designing the most frightening movie monster of them all. This glossy, high-quality illustrated diary, features sketches, original paintings, on-set photographs and finished movie stills.


  • The book shares its name with the documentary Giger's Alien, which was likewise produced by Giger himself and similarly studies his design work on the film. In fact, the title screen in the documentary is the same piece of art used as the book's cover.
  • The book's title (Giger's Alien) is also a popular nickname for the original Alien seen in Alien.
  • Several copies of the Giger's Alien were given away as part of a contest run in Alien3 Movie Special #2.