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K.I.A. as of 2179

Garnett was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps and part of Rhino 2-3. He was been taken by the Xenomorphs to the Hive and then impregnated by a Facehugger with a Chestburster.

He made his only minor appearance as a corpse in Aliens: Colonial Marines when Corporal Winter enters the USS Sulaco Hive and discovers the deceased body of Garnett, with his chest burst opened by an infant Xenomorph before Winter found Keyes who was still alive and able to free him while he got ambushed by a Lurker, however, Winter was able to fight back and killed it. He is also a main model for cocooned Marines.



  • The name "Garnett" is likely a reference to a character in Gearbox Software's previous series of video games, Brothers in Arms. In addition, Pvt. O'Neal says to Keyes "If I die here I swear to God I will fucking kill you!" a line that Brothers in Arms' Private Allen delivers in the first installment of the series, when Garnett reloads his bazooka.

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